An individual freeform progressive lens, customised on the basis of wearers Activity profile & Frame eye parameters, giving the wearer the right balance of Near, Intermediate & Distance Vision.

  • Prescription Optimization
  • Direct Lens View Technology
  • Resolution Enhancement System
  • Retina Forward Design

EyeMAX HD is customised as per the following parameters:



  • Freeform technology with 100% back-surface design.
  • The frame dimensions/individual parameters are considered.
  • Visual behaviour and lifestyle of patients.
  • Activity Profile Based Lens Design
  • Inset is automatically chosen.
  • Provide benefits of optimum set of coating.
  • Advanced technology for thin lenses especially at near.
  • Perfect support of eye movement.
  • Customers initials-the lens is not only produced individually, but initials can also be engraved on the lens.

Prescription Optimization

EyeMAX  HD is customized for the wearers actual frame wrap, pantoscopic tilt and back vertex distance as the eyewear is worn. The result is more precise realization of the prescribed lens powers in real life scenarios.

Direct Lens View Technology

EyeMAX  HD uses the Direct Lens View Technology which provides a comfortable viewing experience in all gaze directions. Based on Wearers Visual Profile and Frame Parameters, each wearer receives the right balance of Near, Intermediate & Distance Vision.

Resolution Enhancement System

In Resolution Enhancement System, the unwanted distortive power generated in the lens is neutralized to a greater extent, thus generating wider fields of distortion free viewing. EyeMAX  HD has Resolution Enhancement System with which it is possible to correct spherical aberration & astigmatic disorders.

Conventional PAL – Distortions at the periphery with Conventional lens.

EyeMAX  HD – Natural and clear vision at the periphery with reduced distortion..

Retina Forward Design

The basis for Retina Forward Design is the Position of Wear (POW). In this, the lens surface power is calculated very precisely and reduces the aberrations.

Thus wearer enjoys a fatigue free High Contrast Visual Experience.

Without Retina Forward Designwith Retina Forward Design