Need of a Stress free & Enjoyable Driving

  • Although the majority of the time while driving is used for distance vision, it is necessary to perform tasks inside the vehicle that require good vision at intermediate.
  • Classic Progressive Lenses are not the best solution for driving. A Progressive design for improving distance and intermediate vision is becoming a uttermost need for drivers.
  • There is a large no of drivers who are sensitive to reflections & glares specially under conditions of low luminosity.

Drive Lens

  • Drive is the Result of Combining an Advanced Design with a special Anti – Reflection coating.
  • It is a lens with excellent design to maintain a more stressfree & enjoyable driving.
  • It significantly enhances driver comfort by providing far vision & intermediate vision all day round.

Three Pillars of Drive

  • Better Vision in Low Light
  • Reduced Glare at night
  • Accurate vision of road, mirrors & dashboard.

Better vision in throughout the day

The advanced design of the Drive lenses take into account the range of the pupil sizes in difficult light conditions. As a result, the wearer gets comfortable vision wearing the Drive lens.

Reduced reflections & glare at night

The Drive lenses come with the ______ coating, a revolutionary antireflection coating that reflects off the UV as well as High wavelength rays, reducing glare up to 64% compared to a normal anti-reflective coating, thus reducing the blinding effect caused by flashes from lights from approaching & on-going vehicles.

Accurate vision of road, mirrors and dashboard.

  • The lenses take into account the driving need to switch focus between the road, dashboard and mirrors, esp. for progressive users.
  • The Drive lenses incorporates WIDER intermediate zone and DISTANCE zone reducing the need for horizontal head movement.
  • It keeps the near viewing zone suited to daily activities.

Fast Adaptation

  • DRIVE lenses can be used as daily glasses since their far and intermediate viewing areas are very wide.
  • Thanks to its low levels of astigmatism, it guarantees a faster adaptation.
  • Possibility to be offered as a second pair of lenses for its ease to alternate use with another PAL.

The Panoramic Lenses, are available in the following indices :

  • 1.50
  • 1.56
  • 1.59
  • 1.60
  • 1.67
  • 1.74

Extensively for driving, they are powered with blucut Material it is alos optionally available with Transitions Xtractive.