EyeMAX Supreme

EyeMAX Supreme

An individual freeform progressive lens, customised on the basis of wearers Eye & Frame parameters.

The whole prescription of the patient can be applied on the lens back surface, optimised with individual calculations and produced – thanks to the personalised freeform technology.

EyeMAX Supreme is customised as per the following parameters:

The Next step of development:

Free-form technology, however, does not only stand for internal progression-it has much more in store.

Analogical to the technology used with multi-aspheric single-vision lenses, our product EyeMAX  Supreme eliminates emerging distortions in the far vision zone and in the periphery of the progressive zone almost entirely out of the wearer’s viewing field by virtue of the calculation of a multitude of single dots on the surface.

  • Digicon-Max Technology
  • Resolution Enhancement System
  • Retina Forward Design.
  • Prescription Optimization

Retina Forward Design:

The basis for Retina Forward Design is the Position of Wear (POW). In this, the lens surface power is calculated very precisely and reduces the aberrations.

Thus wearer enjoys a fatigue free High Contrast Visual Experience.


  • Freeform technology with 100% back-surface design.
  • The frame dimensions/individual parameters are considered.
  • Visual behaviour and lifestyle of patients.
  • Inset is automatically chosen.
  • Provide benefits of optimum set of coating.
  • Advanced technology for thin lenses especially at near.
  • Perfect support of eye movement.
  • Customers initials-the lens is not only produced individually, but initials can also be engraved on the lens.