EyeMAX Elite

EyeMAX Elite

An Enhanced Digital Freeform Lens with Skymap Processing & Resolution Enhancement System for more Wider & Clearer Distortion free viewing.

  • Digicon-Max Technology
  • Skymap Processing
  • Resolution Enhancement System

Digicon Max Technology:

Digital Freeform Technology has resulted in numerous lens advancements in optical industry. Radiance lenses are made with Back Surface Aspheric Freeform design, based on Digicon-Max Technology.

Sky Map processing:

SKYMAP Processing calculates precisely numerous power points on the back surface of the Lens, thus helping the wearer to see more vividly.

EyeMAX  Elite with Multi Aspheric design


Resolution Enhancement System:

In Resolution Enhancement System, the unwanted distortive power generated in the lens is neutralized to a greater extent, thus generating wider fields of distortion free viewing. EyeMAX  Elite has Resolution Enhancement System with which it is possible to correct spherical aberration & astigmatic disorders.