Polarised Lenses

Polarised Lenses

EyeMAX Lenses also come with polarized Feature in several color options from well known brands like NUPOLOR and Sun Polar. Polarized lenses align light rays from the sun and eliminate glare. Offering Comfortable glare free clear vision in broad day light outdoors. It’s a perfect choice for dedicated sun Protections.

NuPolar Technology

Has been refined and improved for decades to provide unparallel comfort and protection efficiency. NuPolar lens features four main key properties that make it best polarized lens in the world.

The most efficient polarizing film

NuPolar polarizer can absorb and eliminate more than 99% of blinding glare. It also fully blocks harmful UVA and UVB light.

Thinner Polarized lenses

The way polarizing film is incorporated into NuPolar lenses allows producing thinner lenses, expanding prescription range and creating individual digital lenses for each client.

Chemical Bond

The polarized film in NuPolar lenses is embedded into material using unique patented process the result of which is the strongest chemical bond eliminating the possibility lens delamination.

Widest availability

NuPolar polarized lenses are available in widest range of optical materials colors and optical designs. They can be used for any type of vision correction and any frame style with virtually no limitations.