SafeX Lens

SafeX Lens

The new material that is superior to standard plastic and polycarbonate, is ideal for rimless frames and in an affordable price.

  • High Impact resistant
  • High tensile strength
  • Easier to drill & mount
  • Lighter
  • 100 % UV cut
  • Affordable

Index:-1.55,Specific Gravity:1.16,AbbeValue:44,UV Cut:400nm.

Product Features :

  • Optical Quality – High index and high abbe value leads to increased optical clarity & quality.
  • Thinner and lighter because of it’s high index.
  • High Abbe number minimises the chromatic aberration ( prismatic effect) and provides comfortable vision.
  • High impact resistance and high tensile strength helps in wearer’s eye safety.
  • Highly recommended and suitable for rimless frames.
  • Good compatibility with coating materials.

Lenses made with Safe X material are a great choice for people with an active lifestyle, and expects clear vision , comfort and protection from their eyewear.