Over five years in development and covered by multiple patents, Younger Optics presents the ultimate in sunwear optics and protection: Visual Armor®

  • Exceptional Impact Strength
  • Uncompromised Optics – 45 Abbe
  • Unmatched Chemical Resistance
  • Light Weight – 1.10 Specic Gravity
  • Nupolar Quality – World #1 Market Leader
  • Blocks 100% of UVA & UVB

Trivex 1.53 Rx lenses are available in:

  • EyeMAX Supreme PAL

    Personalized digital Progressive Lens. FH:- variable

  • Eyemax Elite & SV PAL

    Digital Lens. FH 14/16/17mm

  • EyeMAX Easy

    Anti fatigue lens

  • Nupolar Trivex SV

    Prescription Single Vision Lens

Trivex® material casting process


Trivexmaterial is a 2 component system.

Mterial casting process


specially designed machine mixes the components at a precise ratio and temperature.

Trivex® material casting process


The material is then injected into a glass mold.

Trivex® material casting process


The molds are thermally cured in an oven for approximately 7-10 hours using a specified heat cycle ranging from 85°C to 130°C.

Trivex® material casting process


The lenses are removed from the molds and pass through an inspection process.

Lens material attributes

No lens is the result of only one of its properties

Lens attributes work in combination.

Lens material attributes Lightness

Lens weight is a function the material’s specific gravity. In this case, Trivex® material was engineered to be the lightest material (1.11g/cm3).

Trivex® material Std. Plastic(CR-39® material) Polycarbonate High Index
Specific Gravity 1.11g/cm3 1.32g/cm3 1.22g/cm3 1.30-1.40g/cm3

Lens material attributes Optical Clarity

A lens’ clarity is a product of Abbenumber.

Trivex® material Std. Plastic(CR-39® material) Polycarbonate High Index
Optical Quality Abbe Value 43 – 45 58 29 – 31 32-41

Lens material attributes UV Protection

Lenses sold in eyewear should always provide 100 % UV protection.

Trivex® material Std. Plastic(CR-39® material) Polycarbonate High Index
UV protection 100% UV cut 98% UV cut 100% UV cut 100% UV cut

Lens material attributes – Material resistance

Lenses made with Trivex®material and polycarbonate stand a chance to pass:

  • FDA at 1.0 mm center thickness
  • CEN at 1.0 mm center thickness
  • ANSI Z87.1
Trivex® material Std. Plastic(CR-39® material) Polycarbonate High Index
Impact resistance Pass Fail Pass Some pass
Chemical Resistance Good Good Poor Fair
Stress cracking Not sensitive Brittle Sensitive Sensitive

Consumer benefits

Excellent Fair Poor

Trivex® material* Std. Plastic(CR-39® material) Polycarbonate High Index
UV Protection
Durability (tensile strength)
Chemical Resistance
Impact Resistance
Optical clarity

Which customer segment should wear Trivex®?


superior optics, UV protection, impact resistance

Ageing people

lightweight, clarity, UV protection

Active people

impact resistance, great optics, lightweight

Rimless frames wearers

lenses will not fracture when glazed into these mounts

PPG developed marketing tools to help ECP grow their Trivex® sales

  • Brochures to ECP’s and consumer
  • E-learning tool
  • Presentations
  • POS pictures/images Data bank

The technology at the core of Trivex® lens material means that every lens will provide clear vision, lightweight comfort, strength and protection.

  • Clear Vision
  • Lightweight Comfort
  • Strength & Durability
  • 100% UV Protection

Providing great vision for:

    • Kids
    • Active Lifestyles
    • Seniors
    • Rx Sunwear
    • Sports Vision
    • Fashion-Conscious Wearers
    • Safety & Occupational Glasses

PPG Optical Materials created Trivex® lens material to ensure you get the best performance from your lenses, better connecting you to each moment.

Clear Vision:

your vision is incredibly crisp and crystal clear so that you never miss a moment.

Trivex® lenses can help to reduce eyestrain and bring clarity to your world.

Lightweight Comfort:

Trivex® lenses are extremely light and thin to provide all-day comfort.

Strength & Protection:

Built to be durable and strong, Trivex® lenses can handle whatever life brings their way.

And every Trivex® lens – clear or tinted – protects your eyes by blocking 100 percent of harmful UV rays.