The EyeMAX Warranty applies to custom made lenses only (excluding standardized lenses).

EyeMAX products (“The Product”) are of the highest quality and conform to all standards required by the European market.

EyeMAX offers a full Warranty of its products as associated with the heading (Conditions of Warranty).

Warranty for breakage

  • A one year Warranty will be granted for lenses used for frameless frames.

Warranty for coatings.

  • A 2 year Warranty will be granted for coatings.
  • A one year Warranty will be granted for mirrored coatings.
  • A Warranty for renewed coatings will only cover the coating itself and will exclude any scratches acquired due to usage.

General conditions of Warranty.

  • Conditions of Warranty will be available on the on the EyeMAX website.
  • EyeMAX has the right to change the conditions of said Warranty from time to time, as it sees fit. This Warranty only applies to custom made lenses.
  • This Warranty will only apply to optical stores (“The Optician) where said product was purchased and which requires the said Warranty. The purchaser will deliver the product to the optical store where the purchase was made and in turn, said optician will transfer said product to EyeMAX for inspection.
  • If after inspection EyeMAX find the said product applies to terms of Warranty EyeMAX will execute renewal of the product. If said product does not meet the terms of the Warranty, then EyeMAX will inform said optical store accordingly.
  • The period of Warranty will be as stated in the Terms of Warranty only. Said period of Warranty will commence from date of purchase by said purchaser.